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Making Sense Of Functional Grammar Pdf



- download pdf making sense of functional grammar - download and read online the making sense of functional grammar ebook free by nigel g shouldiam f affordable, making sense of functional grammar: chapter 1. MAKING SENSE OF FUNCTIONAL GRAMMAR: CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Identify the genre. Authentic interaction with people, with their products, and with the places that they frequent are important for a community. The function of a particular social institution is to facilitate and regulate such interactive activities. A literary genre is that product of the community, written or spoken, in which such activity is either expressed or is facilitated. Therefore the genre of a literary product can be identified by analysing the function of the social institution to which the product is attributed. In addition, the genre must be identified in a society which is read or written by the target audience, and where these products are produced in sufficient numbers to be available for consumption or disposal. The genre of the novel, the poem, the play, the soap opera or the news report all serve the purpose of facilitating the interaction between the reader and the persons, products, and places to which the product is attributed. For example, the soap opera is not only about soap, but it is also about the characters that the audience meets as they watch the programme. If they do not wish to read about the soap characters or the soap production, they can watch the programmes without looking at the book. 2 Identify the social purpose. As another example, the novel enables the reader to get to know someone they have never met before. It provides the reader with a perspective of the people and places in which the reader lives. This perspective can include events in the past, the present, or events that may never take place. The events are often narrated by the writer, and the reader can see the narrator describing and recording the events. The perspective might be recorded by an author who writes from the perspective of the writer and the narrator. Alternatively, a writer may write from the perspective of a character who is presented to the reader as having some knowledge or power. For example, the writer could choose to present a character as having a university education or as being a teacher or a priest. The purpose of the genre is to provide the reader with a perspective of the people, places and events that it



Making Sense Of Functional Grammar Pdf

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